Finding Customers

  • Contact the Office of Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) of the agency you wish to do business with. The staff can provide you with a directory of agency buying locations and advise you on the types of goods and services that the agency regularly purchases. Many agencies promote outreach programs and offer “how to” publications that provide assistance in understanding their procurement programs.
  • Register in the Dynamic Small Business Source System, an SBA database of small business contractors and their areas of business. Agency contracting officers and prime contractors search the database to find small business sources and subcontractors. Firms can easily register from the SBA website.
  • Register in the US Department of Defense’s Central Contractor Register (CCR) through the Internet.
  • Agency purchasing offices maintain source lists for the goods and services that they buy. Firms can be included on the agency’s Solicitation Mailing List Application simply by completing a Standard Form 129 with the agency.
  • Wherever possible, arrange marketing visits to agency project and program personnel.
  • Provide catalogues and brochures to key personnel within the agencies.
  • Participate in agency market research by attending pre-solicitation conferences.
  • Many Federal agencies hold small business fairs that emphasize how to do business with the government and provide information regarding their program activities. Some have the added feature of making on-the-spot purchases from small business attendees.
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